Bigg Boss 10 Contestants Name List, Live Feed, News, Episodes – 2016

About Bigg Boss 10 – 2016 Colors TV Show :- The show Bigg boss is very famous reality show on colors channel. This format is taken from the reality TV show Big Brother that was discovered in Netherlands.

In past ten years the TV show has gained popularity in India. There are nine seasons that are already broadcasted. The Big Boss house is a well decorated house. That usually has one or two bedrooms, kitchen, activity area, gym,swimming pool and a big garden.

Bigg Boss 10 Contestants Name List, Start Date, Show Time, Host Name
Bigg Boss 10

All the contestants [bigg boss 10 contestant list below] are called as housemates. These housemates are kept isolated from rest of the world and are locked inside the house with cameras. This house is built every year and it away from Mumbai. Every week there are nominations of the contestants for eviction. The contestants who receive the major votes are nominated.

These nominated contestant appeal the public to vote for them so that they stay safe. The nominated contestant who gets the least public votes is evicted from the reality show. There are few finalist from whom the final contestant of the show is selected who is also based from the public votes.

Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Name List

The season 10 of Bigg Boss will be starting started with the fresh faces. The bigg boss 10 contestants are generally from the field of entertainment. It is very popular in the viewers as they get to see their celebrities locked inside the house. They realise that their stars are also like any other person.

The Bigg Boss 10 contestant list will be soon out on our site. Below is list of confirmed celebrity contestants of bigg boss 10:

Bigg Boss 10 “Common Man” Contestants List


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Here are few promos for common man contestants:

Here are news related to bigg boss 10 contestants list with full name, brief biography and photos:

Bigg Boss season 9 had tv celebrities like Roopal Tyagi, Ankit Gera, Kishwar Merchant, Aman Verma, Suyyash Rai. There were famous models like Rochelle Rao, Keith Sequeira and Mandana Karimi. There were also the presence of starlets like Rimi Sen and Vikas Bhalla on the show.

The wild card entrants of the season 9 were Rishabh Sinha, Puneet Vashist, Kanwaljeet Singh, Nora Fatehi and Priya Malik.

The Bigg Boss season 9 ended and the finale winner is Prince Narula. He is well deserved candidate. Prince is an alumni of the reality shows. He is the third reality shows contestant who has won in the Bigg boss show.Other contestants for the season 9 who has secured first runner up and the second runner up place are Rishabh and Mandana respectively.

Entry to Bigg Boss 10 House

There is an interesting piece of information that for the first time in the history of Bigg Boss the common man can participate in the bigg boss 10 version of the show.

They will also be the contestant. They will live along their favorite celebrities in bigg boss 10 house. They will also have the chance to win the prize money along with the fame. The lines to participate on the show are open. The interested person has to upload a three minutes video on the bigg boss 10 page of colors tv website.

The person who thinks is the great entertainer should send the video. He or she can be of any profession, caste or region of the country. One thing will matter that is entertainment. The makers have begun the nation wide search for the contestant. Bigg Boss season 10 is very big. The makers are leaving no stone unturned to make the show successful.

Bigg Boss 10 Host Name

The news is out on the host of Bigg Boss season 10. Salman Khan will host season 10 of the Bigg Boss reality TV show on colors. Salman Khan has become a synonym along with the Bigg boss show. With bigg boss 10 season, he would be hosting the show for the eighth time. His aura works wonder and the TRPs have been up with him hosting the show. The makers like to retain him as the host of the show.

Bigg Boss 10 Host - Salman Khan
Bigg Boss 10 Host – Salman Khan

Sultan actor Salman Khan has hosted season 9 with same passion as he has been doing it in past. There were other hosts also for the show but no one could hold the show like Salman Khan. He is very popular actor and is a popular Bigg Boss host too. Salman Khan is a big name in the Hindi film industry. He is a famous celebrity in India and abroad. He is followed by the fans of all age groups. He hosts the Bigg boss show with great confidence and you can see the real Salman.


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He does scold the contestant if he feels that they are doing wrong. He also pampers them and boost their confidence. He is a great human being.The contestant also love Salman as a host. They like the friendly manners of him with the other contestants. Even the viewers like watching Salman as the host and that is the reason of high TRPs of the show. We are looking forward how he will judge contestants in bigg boss 10. Read More about bigg boss 10 host.

Bigg Boss 10 Start Date and Time

Colors channel will be launching the show Bigg Boss season 10 in the month of September or October 2016.

-Final Confirmed Start Date: 16th October 2016.

-Final Timing [*Timings in Indian Standard Time]:
9 PM to 10 PM – Saturday and Sunday
10:30 PM to 11:30 PM – Monday to Friday

The channel would be soon declaring the names of the contestants for the reality T.V show on colors channel. The show timings are expected to be in the prime slot on colors that is 9 pm to 10 pm everyday on Saturday and Sunday and 10:30 PM – 11:30 PM from Monday to Friday.

The weekend will see Salman Khan appearing on the bigg boss 10 show. The eviction of the contestant would take place during the weekend. The nominated contestant gets a week to secure public votes. By the end of the week Salman would declare the name of the evicted contestant of the show.

Bigg Boss 10 Android App

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Bigg Boss 10 Episodes – News – Updates – Live Show

The readers will get all the interesting facts, news, updates about the contestants on our bigg boss 10 website here. The information will come before any other website. The readers need not go on any other site to get the news of your favorite reality show that is Bigg Boss season 10. You will know about the biography and the details of the bigg boss 10 contestants participating in the show. They would be the household name. You can check our site to get the maximum information of the reality TV show. Check for bigg boss live feed here.

The news of every episode broadcasted will be there on the site about the show. The readers can read on any missed episode and catch up with the latest happenings of the bigg boss 10 on colors TV.

Latest bigg boss 10 news/updates/episodes:

Bigg boss 10 Winner and Old Season Winners

The viewers will get the information on the Bigg Boss 10 winner on this website. The winner would be announced at the finale episode of the show. It is a extravaganza episode where there are many performers to end the finale episode. It happens before the announcement of the winner of the show. The winner walks out with the handsome prize money along with the fame to win the show.

  1. Since the very first season that is Bigg boss Season 1, the winner get a very good prize money. Bigg boss season one was won by actor Rahul Roy. He was a known yester years actor. Arshad Warsi had hosted the show.
  2. The second season of the Bigg boss show was hosted by Shilpa Shetty. The season winner was Ashutosh Rana who was the product of reality shows.
  3. The Bigg boss season three was hosted by famous celebrity actor Amitabh Bachchan. This show was won by Vindu Dara Singh who is the son of Dara Singh and is a starlet.
  4. The Season 4 Bigg Boss was won by TV daily soap actress Shweta Tiwari. She was the first female winner of the reality TV show. She walked away with the prize money of 1 crore. This season was first time hosted by actor Salman Khan.
  5. The Bigg boss season five was won by another female contestant Juhi Parmar. She is also a TV actress. Mahek Chahal was the first runner up of the show. This show was hosted by Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan together.
  6. The Bigg Boss 6 winner was Urvashi Dholakia. This time the show was hosted by Salman Khan alone.
  7. The Bigg Boss season 7 also continued the legacy by the female contestant winner. It was Gauhar Khan. Tanisha Mukherjee stood as a first runner up. The host of the show was again the actor Salman Khan.
  8. Season 8 of Bigg Boss reality TV show was hosted by Salman Khan and Farah Khan. The section Halla boll was introduced and Farah had hosted that section. The contestant who had emerged as the winner of the season was Gautam Gulati. TV actress Karishma Tanna stood as the first runner up of the show.
  9. Bigg Boss 9 was for the seventh time was hosted by Salman Khan. This show was won by reality show winners Prince Narula. The first runner up of the show is Rishabh Sinha.
  10. The winner of the Bigg Boss 10 will be announced on our website. This season is also hosted by actor Salman Khan. He would be the host for the eighth time on the popular show.

Stay tune with our website and the app to get the latest news and updates on the Bigg Boss 10 reality TV show that is broadcasted on the colors channel.



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  3. dear big boss producer…
    I want to say pls reduce airing time of big boss.because your show is too famous in our village.but in winter night one can not wail till 10:30 pm…
    so sir pls do so.

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    Its such annoying to see contestants to pee without having any shame. In pants.. in kitchen.. just to win task..
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    …….m big fan of manveer n bani hope u stay in big boss house till end


  8. I am so disappointed from your show, I am regularly watching bigg boss but this it is so irritating, totally waste of time. Specially for this 3 house mate – Stupid Swami, Priyanka & Bani. Kindly do something, whole Nation watch your show, we give our time to see some good thing not all this stupid things which happens in Rodies & Splitvila. I hope you guys will not disappoint public

  9. I could not understand why Rahul is still in BB House ! What is his role there other than ‘Kana-Pina’. Whenever I watch the show and see Rahul – he reminds me a pure ‘homeless’ guy – don’t want to work, not participating in any activities, always in a corner of the room or in bed – even claiming himself as ‘privileged’ group member. He should kicked out of the BB House as quick as possible.

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