Bani Judge [Gurbani Judge] – Biography, Wiki, Personal Details, Age, Height

Gurbani Judge also called Bani Judge is a 29 years old girl from Mumbai who has is a known face in the Bollywood industry. She can be referred to as a powerhouse of talent with so many qualities to show. Bani has earned a name for herself through Roadies where she secured the 2nd position.

Bani Judge or VJ Bani or Gurbani Judge

Bani Judge
Bani Judge

Personal details

Gurbani Judge also popular by the name of Vj Bani is a Chandigarh-based girl who is very talented. She has got a very good presence of mind with which she can handle the most complicated situations easily.

Gurbani Judge can have her claim to fame in Roadies Season 4. She showed her talent there and came out to be the runner-up of the show. Bani has got a very vibrant personality and a strong character. She is also trained in martial arts and thus knows how to defend herself, both physically and verbally. She is the icon of a modern Indian woman.

Gurbani Judge Biography

Name- Gurbani Judge [Bani J or VJ Bani]
Birth Date- 29th November 1987
Age- 29 years
Profession- Actress, Television Host, Model, Vj
Hobbies- Reading, Art, & Gyming
Origin- Chandigarh, India
Height- 5 feet and 7 inches
Favorite star- Salman Khan

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Latest details

Presently Gurbani Judge is a part of the 10th season of the very popular show Bigg Boss which is aired on Colours. The show hosted by the megastar Salman Khan tests the adjustment power of people living under the same roof.

Bani Judge or VJ Bani or Gurbani Judge
Bani Judge or VJ Bani or Gurbani Judge

Bani has got talents in various fields and has acquired plenty of experience in a relatively short period of time. This 27 years old model-actress can give the others present in the house some serious competition with her strong personality, attractive body, and loads of experience.

Bani J is having 80% chances to win the show and become bigg boss 10 winner.


Bani Judge belongs to a very rich family. Her dad is one of the most prominent businessmen of the country and loves his daughter a lot. Since childhood, Bani has lead a very luxurious life and always been supported by her parents.

She was a very daring girl since her college days and is a fitness freak as well. She says that the food cooked by her mother is the secret behind her fitness. Bani is quite attached to her parents.

Career path

After completion of her course in Graphic Designing, Bani kicked off her career in style when she got selected in the 4th season of the reality TV show of MTV known as Roadies. She was a runner-up in the show. After that, she was recruited by Roadies to do the job of an anchor in their following season.

Bani Judge
Bani Judge

In 2007, Bani Judge stepped into Bollywood by playing the female lead character in the movie App Ka Suroor, which was a Himesh Reshammiya film. She is also popular as am excellent video jockey in the industry. Currently, she is in the house of the Bigg Boss.

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Boyfriends and marriages

Bani Judge is currently single.


  1. Bani appears to be v arrogant and selfish. She knows how to hurt people and reacts badly if someone says anything wrong about her but she can say everything.She is v loud.

    • Bani is a rockstar…bani’s haters why are you checking her profile if you really hate her…bani is a true person..Bani’s hater don’t really hate bani but they hate themselves because she is a reflection of what they want to become…this is applicable to some of housemate of bb house. ..

  2. Bani sabse hate karti he,,,apne aapko bahut eminent sochti he,,,,she is one of the biggest dustbin in the house…today what she done is totally shows the nature of a idiot .

  3. I dont like Bani at all. She is Gauhar’s friend but Gauhar was the best in tge show tht’s why she won. Bani was not good to such a good nd patient person like gaurav. Please Bani should not win the show, dont like her at all.
    Lopamudra, Manu and Manveer should be the finalists…and anyone of them wins will be good.

  4. Bani is the best person in this world..she have a pure heart,,he also don’t have bad habits ..she is only the one person in the show which we can say who show her real personality …inshallah she will win.beacause everyone is fake in this show…..bani… Her name show her personality “b for brave and bold” “a is for answerable and authentic” n is for number 1 “and I is for intelligent”
    Guys please vote bani…..

  5. Bani… Haters go away frm here… Lopa ki frns apne aankhe khol do.. Bas kar bokna… Kitna bokoge.. Muuh dard nhi karta kya.. Lopa gandhi jubaan wali larki.. Hai jisko tameez nhi hai.. Bas ganda2 gaali aati.. Bani hi ek esha larki hai jo kisi ki burayi nhi karti jai ho bani#strong

  6. Love you bani…..srsly dont entertaim Lopa Mudra… u r d only person who never talks bad abt anyone… I hate You Lopa..Bani is always best.. Plz Vote Fr Bani..

  7. I love u Bani the real person in BB house , shame on lopa pura show Bani ko hate karte nikala ,bahar nikal k dekhna how real Bani is. Stay strong Bani like u r always.i m watching BB for u only. U r the real winner..

  8. I had seen people scattering in a frustration but seen you to take stand for yourself in all up and down, whatever you underwent in house…housemates almost makes impossible for you to survive but you stand there which is the main task of bb house…love to see you, your style, your attitude and everything about you…

  9. i hate Bani so much that it made me vote for other housemates except Bani.. i like only Manveer and i wish manveer shud win (forst time in BB a commoner be a winner). Mannu also plays double game.. i feel bad for Lopa bcz she shows her patience and bani insults her..The show is all about patience and how u manage with extreme mental pressure… I just hope bani should be evicted before Lopa…bani has lots of attitude..she will be nowhere one day…irritating accent, language, attitude, no manners… what not …yuck

  10. Bani i luv uuu surely uu will be winner lopa mudra is fake she play mind games she is makeup ki potli i too hate her ..hope uu win the show

  11. Bani j is true winner… She must win .. ek akeli sabpe bhari.. .. . I support bani j along with my family and friends..