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Bigg Boss 10 Live :- Entertainment has its own levels, and when it comes to the favourite reality shows, there is no compromise after all. When you get a dose of Bigg Boss fever on the websites, you will really live up to the expectations of true entertainment. And this is what you will get from our website.

It may seem to be unbelievable, as it is too good to be a news. So, when you brace up for the reality show, you will have the most compatible channel to deliver the excitement to you. All the episodes of the popular reality show will be available online, and you will be free to pick your favourite episode or view bigg boss 10 live feed when you wish to watch them.

Bigg Boss 10 Live

bigg boss 10 Live - 24 x 7
Bigg Boss 10 Live

A brief flashback to bigg boss show

Bigg Boss is nothing new to the arena of entertainment. It has already gained immense popularity all over the country over the last few years. As many as nine episodes have been broadcasted across the television sets. So, you are quite familiar with the show. Well, here is a nice piece of information for you.

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This reality show has its basic idea in the show called Big Brother, that was originally made in the Netherlands. Over the last ten years, the culture has gradually found its way into the Indian fanfare and today, you find yourself hooked on the show. The most important news for you is that you will be able to see the live telecast online, and you will not have to stay indoor when the programme is telecasted.

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Bigg Boss 10 House – The basic theme

There is no need to repeat the entire strategy of the reality show. Still, if you are new to the show, here is a brief up for you. The participants of the show are known as housemates, and they are not allowed to communicate with the rest of the people. They are kept isolated from the others.

The house of Bigg Boss 10 live is well presented, with two bedrooms, kitchen and gym, besides other areas. The show is full of excitement, and you will definitely like it when it is available over the internet to you. Located away from Mumbai, it is built every year. It is locked and put under the cameras. There are nominations for eviction every week, and the contestants receiving the major vote are nominated to the show.

Be a part of the Bigg Boss Season 10 Live Voting System

The methodology for taking the contestants to the final is quite competitive. This is based on a voting system, based on the opinions of the public. The voting can be done when the contestants participate in the reality show. They appeal to the people to cast their vote in their favour. The people keep on voting in favour of the candidate they like, based on their performance.

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When you get in touch with the episodes over the internet, you will be able to cast your vote in favour of the candidate you like the most. To be a part of the voting party, you just need to come to this website and stay tuned to the proceedings. The live programme is quite exciting, and you will cherish every bit of the moments when you are online, watching the programme.

Support the fresh faces that appear on the contest

Unlike the celebrity shows, the reality show is based on the talented new faces that have come up from different parts of the country. The show targets to provide them with a platform to showcase their skills. When they appear on the stage, the nationwide people get a chance to see their performance and appreciate their skills.

At the end of the day, you will be really charmed by the show and the perfect opportunity to see the future celebrities of the entertainment world lies here. All the candidates are from eh arena of entertainment, and if you are a fan of entertainment, you cannot miss out this opportunity.

Even if you are not at home, you can support the talents and make sure that the right person goes on to the top of the ladder. The reality show is packed with excitement, and the people can support the candidates from their own cities, or be unbiased and keep with a sporting attitude. After all, when you watch the programme live, you will be able to get a taste of entertainment that the nationwide people are enjoying.

When to catch the bigg boss 10 live show?

By now, you must be keen to know the timing and dates of the popular reality show. It is generally held in the month of September or October 2016, and these are shown on the TV sets between 9 pm and 10 pm i.e primetime every day on Colours TV channel.

In case you are not at home, you are free to switch to the internet mode and get a taste of the grand bigg boss 10 live entertainment. After all, you will get the ideal chance to be a part of the reality show, and the voting process will include at least one vote from you.

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So, if you are interested in getting in touch with the show, it is better to watch it on the internet, and you need to visit this website when you wish to get in touch with it and get latest updates of bigg boss 10 live.



Bigg Boss participants, results and celebration

All the bigg boss 10 live 24×7 action will get you on the toes when you are in touch with the Salman Khan and other bigg boss 10 contestants on our website. Tonnes of expectations are fulfilled when the expected bigg boss 10 winner goes on to win. The enthusiasm of the celebration can be watched live on the internet, and all you need to do is to visit the website to get the glimpse of the buzz.

After all entertainment lovers have heavily become dependent on the portals, and when there is such a big event knocking at the doors, you will definitely get the opportunity to cherish the excitement to its truest meaning. Just get in touch with the website to get the best of excitement.


  1. bigg boss ji kya next year mujhe moka milega waha ane ka m himachal pradesh se hu or ap kabhi aam janata ko bhi is show m shamil karo biss m gaon ka rehne wala m 5 year se bigg boss dekhta hu or log mujhe kya bolte h ye pagal h jo ye dekhta h na kuch samajh ata h to me chahta hu mujhe bhi ap 1 baar moka do taki logon ko bhi ye pta chale ki isko kyu bulaya or is show k bare m bhi jane bigg boss ji mujhe nhi pata ki waha tk m kese pahunchu kya karna hoga pr m apko isi tareh msg bhejta rahunga plz help me maine apni mummy ko bhi ye baat batai thi ki mujhe bigg boss m jana h 2017 m plz bigg boss ji

  2. Hello friends my name is Rakshan khan .and i am from meerut ….and i like this show ….i am bigg fan of big boss….i want to be go bigg boss house next year……but i know next year dont go comman people in big boss house … my dream is fielded.but i want to go big boss house …plz plz vote for manveer gujjar and manu panjabi …..i love salman khan ..

  3. Comment:ram ram byaiyo….
    milega yar sbko milega kyuki….
    Na ho dusro KO dekh kar hairaan,
    khuda tujhe bhi dega mat ho presaan….
    me to waiting next season of bigg boss 11.

  4. Lopa aap hi jitoge show q k u r the jaise bhi khelte ho dil se khelti ho kisiko hurt nahi karti ho..mai bhi aisa hi hun jo sahi he o sahi he..aur jo galat to galat i think pure 10th session me aap hi superb player rahi ho to all the best..